The main effect of methane intake is a rapid and significant increase in muscle mass. This is due to the fact that during the intake of methane, protein synthesis begins. From this, both strength indicators and muscle volume grow.

From this, the appetite improves (bodybuilders note that the appetite after training, and so not weak, becomes just wolfish), the fat mass decreases. Because of testosterone in men, an increase in potency is observed, however, which passes after the drug is discontinued.

Another small good side effect is increased bone mass and skeletal strength.

Methane for muscle growth is taken in the range of 30 mg per day. Usually, the tablets are taken in 2 divided doses, 20 mg in the morning and 10 in the afternoon.

Since methane for muscles, like all steroids and anabolic steroids, is harmful to the liver, then you need to use the drug only with food or after meals so that the destructive effect is not so strong.

And also, athletes should know how much water they need to drink per day in order to get rid of toxins in the body. The drug does not cause addiction and does not require an increase in dosage.

The first portion of the drug should not exceed 10 mg. Then, over two to three days, the amount of anabolic steroids is gradually increased until it reaches the normal dose. You should not take more than the recommended one, so as not to get a whole bunch of side effects along with the growth of mass.

The full course of taking the drug should not exceed 6 weeks.

Reception schemes

The initial course for beginners with Donobol Solo is 5 weeks. In a month, you will gain 6 or 7 kg of muscle mass. Donabol + Proviron is often combined , the advantages of which are that the likelihood of weight loss after the end of the course decreases, muscle tissue acquires relief and elasticity. This effect will last for a long time. Proviron is taken during the course of one tablet, starting from 2 to 4 weeks.

It is forbidden to take Denabol for more than 10 weeks, otherwise the body will get used to this drug, the muscle reaction to the active ingredient will not manifest itself, liver dysfunction will occur, and muscle mass will not grow.

Experienced bodybuilders recommend the combination of Danabol with Stanozolol for beginners . Such an initial course will allow beginners to gain 6-10 kg of muscle mass, they will not accumulate excess fat, and water in the body will not linger.

The first week Danabol with Stanozolol is taken at 20 mg per day. From 2 to 5 weeks, both drugs are taken at 30 mg.

There is another scheme – Danabol + Stanozolol + Tamoxifen . It has its pros and cons. Its disadvantages are overloading the liver, but athletes are satisfied with the resulting effect . These funds are taken for 25 days, then a course of rehabilitation therapy is required.

  • From day 1 to day 25, first take Danabol 4 tablets per day every 4 hours.
  • From 26 to 50 days, Stanozolol is taken 4 tablets per day every 4 hours.
  • From 51 to 53 days post-cycle therapy with Tamoxifen is carried out , one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night.
  • From 54 to 87 days, Tamoxifen is taken 1 tablet in the morning.

A popular combination with the use of Danabol Balkan and Deca. Anabolics are taken for 6 weeks. Danabol is taken in 4 tablets (40 mg) every day and once for 7 days Deca is taken in a volume of 250 ml. From 6 weeks, Stanozolol 40 mg is used. To reduce the synthesis of prolactin hormone, which affects the genital area, it is required to drink 0.25 mg Cabergoline every fourth day after a two-week course .

“Methane” can be combined with Sustanon , Anadrol , Turinabol . More details here


Special dietary food tones up the body, supplies it with energy. It is recommended to eat high-calorie foods that are high in protein. The use of food additives, creatine, essential amino acids is acceptable.

Post cycle therapy

When the course of taking anabolic steroids is over, after 2 or 3 days post-cycle therapy is performed . Tamoxifen is used from 10 to 20 mg per day or Clomid from 25 to 50 mg per day for 3-4 weeks. In the last week, the dose should be slightly reduced, then the drug should be completely canceled. During such therapy, testosterone boosters, zinc, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are indicated .

Such therapy is necessary in order to restore the own synthesis of testosterone; in addition, sports nutrition is used.

How not to buy a fake

How much does Methane cost? The cost of Danabol in shopping centers is different, the approximate price is 650 rubles per pack, which contains 100 tablets of 10 mg.

How do fakes and the original drug differ? The original packaging contains a verification code. Each blister also has its own code, so it is almost impossible to counterfeit it. The codes on the blisters are checked first. If they match, then this is a fake.

After the end of methane intake, there must be post-cycle therapy in order to negate the consequences and side effects. Therapy includes medications to prevent hormonal imbalances, protect the liver, and prevent the effects of recoil.

During the intake, it is imperative to control blood pressure and if it begins to grow, then stop taking methane and start drinking blood pressure lowering drugs.

It is advisable that the course of taking the drug was agreed with the doctor, since methane has a fairly large number of contraindications and side effects. It is especially important to do this if a bodybuilder works in shifts and does not have a constant daily routine, since methane is bound to hormones, and the amount of hormones in the blood depends on the mode of life.

Side effects:

  • Part of the methane, dissolving in the body, is converted into estrogens, female sex hormones. They are also present in the male body, but in much smaller quantities. Taking methane significantly increases the concentration of hormones in the blood and can cause the side effect of gynecomastia (enlarged mammary glands) in men. To prevent this, athletes are advised to take aromatase inhibitors ;
  • Liver damage. It is necessary to take methane together with drugs that will cause bile outflow, and after the end of taking anabolic steroids, drink a course of hepatoprotectors . Due to the effect of the drug on the liver, heartburn and pain in the right side may occur, and digestive problems may worsen;
  • Swelling due to fluid retention. If you do not use aromatase inhibitors , which lower estrogen levels, water will retain in your muscles. Visually, this will add volume to the muscle mass, but after the end of the course, the fluid will be excreted from the body, and the muscles will “blow away”;
  • Increase in sexual activity while taking steroids and decrease it after withdrawal. Associated with the intake of testosterone;
  • Acne all over the body and possible slight hair loss due to hormonal imbalance;
  • Due to the sharp increase in muscle mass, there can be problems with the heart and circulatory system;
  • In women, methane intake can cause masculinization – a change in the shape of the breast, active growth of hair on the face and body, changes in the genitals (clitoris hypertrophy), changes in facial features.

There are many myths about methane intake. For example, it is believed that there is a pill not to swallow, but to chew, then it will begin to be absorbed in the mouth, and the load on the liver will be less.

This is not true, the pills, of course, begin to be absorbed, but this does not reduce the load on the liver.

From this intake of the drug, its concentration increases, since part of the active substances is destroyed from the gastric juice, but not from saliva.

The second myth says that methane should be taken along with oil so that the tablet does not dissolve in the stomach, but in the intestines. This also makes no sense, since the drug enters the bloodstream, and the blood passes through the liver.

Methane is often taken “solo”, without additives, and the rest of the drugs are started after the pills are canceled. A more correct, albeit less common, option is a combined course, combining methane with testosterone or other steroids and hepatoprotectors .

Taking methane gas for muscle growth is a serious decision that needs to be carefully considered.

On the one hand, this remedy has long been known and has proven itself well, it causes active muscle growth, an increase in body volume, and has a very small number of side effects.

On the other hand, when starting to take methane, the bodybuilder begins to drink more pills to protect the liver and get rid of hormonal imbalances.

The consequences of intervention in the endocrine system are not fully understood, so it is not clear what steroid intake can result in and what will happen to the body in 10-15 years. Therefore, if a bodybuilder has no intention of devoting his whole life to this sport, then it is better not to get involved with taking steroids. But if you need to quickly build up the relief, then methane will be one of the best options.