When planning to buy or rent a property abroad for a long term, many people often ask themselves the question – whether to buy an apartment in a multi-storey building or become the owner of their own home? The most practical advice that realtors and experienced buyers can give in case of the burden of choice is to rent an apartment for a month or two, or even for a longer period in the area of interest. Provided that the apartment or house is planned to purchase for round the clock accommodation, it would be ideal if this can be done not only in high season (to understand the real number of tourists at peak times and how it can affect the daily comfort), but also in cold season. You can consider property for rent in majorca spain to find suitable options.

Temperature issue

Even if there is heating (or there is another option for heating – local electric radiators, air conditioners with heating function, etc.), many people eventually conclude that heating the apartment is much easier technically and less expensive for financial reasons than a private house. Since even people living in small apartments often face the problem of mold due to the constant humidity of not only specific apartments, but also, for example, the lack of neighbors in the residential complex in winter – no matter how much to heat the housing in this case, no one guarantees that the mold from the next apartment will not spill over into your apartment.

Many houses in southern countries are often built without wall insulation, which gives poor waterproofing – this leads to higher temperatures in summer and lower winters, resulting in mold again. In this case, it does not always help to focus on the high cost of housing, but only an experienced viewer can recognize the real situation on this characteristic.

The bigger the area, the bigger the costs

With long-term rentals of a specific format of housing in the area of interest, the potential buyer will be able to fully understand the costs that go into the utilities and maintenance of the property in due course. Since the average private house has a larger area than the average apartment, it makes sense for its future owners to immediately budget a much larger amount than if we were talking about living in an apartment. In the real assessment of their financial capabilities may be so that it is economically more appropriate and convenient not to buy a house, and rent it if necessary – of course, if there is such a possibility and the object of interest does not belong to a number of exclusive housing options.


When choosing an apartment or house for yourself, it is very important to pay attention to the infrastructure of the area where the potential object is located. This applies not only to the accessible location of shops, restaurants, shopping centers, kindergartens, schools, clinics and other facilities that may be needed here on a regular basis. It will be important to clarify the composition of the local population, how its representatives treat foreigners, understand the level of social and transport infrastructure development and safety of the district. Based on the information received, it is possible to define more clearly – to buy a house or an apartment. Most often the issue of safety and public transport is easier to solve when buying an apartment. In the case when a buyer buys his own house, even if the village is well fenced and under guard, the issue of security will have to devote much more time, effort and money. In addition, not always cottage villages are within walking distance of public transport stops, so in this case, it is important to consider in advance the question of relocation.