Cryptocurrency has recently attracted the attention of not only participants of the financial market, but also ordinary people. Let’s understand what bitcoin is in simple terms. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, which is controlled by computers and also stored on computers. It appeared in 2009 and became the first cryptocurrency known to the world. Bitcoins are a sequence of unique encrypted blocks of information. They are issued only through complex mathematical calculations.

How did the bitcoin cryptocurrency come about?

In 2009, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcoin system and released it to the Internet. You could run this program on any computer, and anyone could manage bitcoins and help the system grow. New coins appeared thanks to special software. And the idea of creating a bitcoin cryptocurrency was to introduce a currency, the value of which would not fall by the decision of regulators and authorities in different countries.

In 2009, 1 bitcoin was worth only $0.1, and you couldn’t buy anything with it. Today, those who were able to mine this cryptocurrency in 2009, reached millions of dollars, because in 2021, 1 bitcoin will be worth over 60,000 dollars. You can even get bitcoin visa card to make purchases.

Bitcoin – what it is: the benefits of cryptocurrency

  • Privacy. No personal information about the wallet’s owner is attached to the virtual currency wallet. In addition, it is possible to create a new address for each new bitcoin transaction – so it will be impossible to trace transactions.
  • The ability to make money on exchange rate fluctuations. Comments about the fact that bitcoin gives you the opportunity to earn good money are unnecessary.
  • There is no influence on bitcoin exchange rate from the state authorities and the banking system. No one controls Bitcoin. Moreover, unlike banking services, the bitcoin system works without interruptions and around the clock.

How can a newcomer earn on cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin trading has recently become mainstream, and the thirst for enrichment has taken hold of millions of people in all corners of the planet. But can everyone understand all the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading and is it really possible to make money on bitcoins? The cryptocurrency market, and bitcoin in particular, is highly volatile. This is why it will be difficult for novice traders to cope with the incredible rate of change in the value of the asset. Only experienced professionals and experienced traders are able to cope with emotions, make the right decision in the shortest possible time and benefit from any situation on the cryptocurrency market.

Forex trading, which is more predictable and less volatile than the cryptocurrency market, can be a good alternative to crypto trading for beginners and a stable source of income. You can try your hand at currency trading on brokers’ demo accounts. Although bitcoin remains a great asset in any case, it has already made thousands of people millionaires. You can also explore cryptocurrency referral program to get more information about using bitcoin in real life.