Shooting technique in CS:GO is quite diverse, one strategy for all situations will not bring special results. Sometimes, you need to clamp when the enemy is very close, often optimal volley of 2-5 rounds in the middle distance of the battle, there are times when you need to shoot 1-2 rounds if the opponent is in the middle and long distances. If you want to change the look of your weapon, you can also buy case csgo.

Firing Modes

  1. Clamping – the use of this shooting mode should be kept to a minimum, as it is the most inaccurate form of shooting. It is most effective to pierce with smoke through walls, doors, against a group of enemies on the screen. The use of crouching will increase the accuracy of the bullet dispersion, additionally a place of safe reloading should be provided.
  2. The 2-5 bullet volley is the most common shooting style used in CS:GO, where the maps are slightly smaller and recoil is not as affected. It is also the most controllable and effective – the first 2 bullets are accurate and recoil has no effect on the accuracy of shooting, the next 3 shots are designed to finish off the wounded enemy. After firing 2-5 bullets you should move the sight slightly and then repeat the shot if necessary. After a small shift of the reticle the effect of recoil on accuracy decreases.
  3. Shooting 1-2 bullets – in situations when the opponent is far away, or at the point on the map where you can see a part of the opponent’s body (head, shoulder, for example). Moving the sight after the shot is also relevant to the shooting of 1-2 bullets, the recoil time is proportional to the number of shots.

Support for level aim

Deathmatch. The best thing you can do to develop and maintain a good level of aim. All of the best players in the CS:GO world, without exception, play a lot on deathmatch servers. With this practice you will understand when and what style to play, gain experience in the game, bringing your decision-making to automatism. Learn to control weapons, learn the recoil time, when and what style of shooting is appropriate in each situation. Once you can be on the move for 45 minutes and fire at the right time, moving properly, maintain a kill/death ratio higher than 2:1. Keep playing Deathmatch further-you’ll build up muscle memory for the dependence of changing aim position on mouse movement. Therefore, the in-game mouse settings should always be the same. 

Matches with other teams. Dedicate as much time to the game as possible (within reasonable limits, of course). With deathmatch you will feel the distance, learn to control weapons, spray. Here you will learn angles, timings, attack strategies, team synchronization, ways to hold different parts of the map. It is the best way to keep the aforementioned aspects of the game in mind.

You need to play hundreds of situations to feel and know what to do best in a given situation in the future. Parsing flights from the world’s best players will help you better understand the essence of the game and team actions when implementing tactics, apply the knowledge gained in matches, watching and analyzing demo matches of professional teams is indispensable.

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