Among the various types of advertising, a special place is occupied by light outdoor advertising. Light advertising is used not only as billboards, LED screens, but also signs, information signs, etc. Various manufacturing methods are used, depending on the task, as standard in the production of light boxes, volumetric light letters or signs, and new with the use of new materials and the use of special machines. If you are looking for signboards for people with poor eyesight, then look at ada signs nyc. But in this article we will talk about light advertising.

The volumetric letters must be internally backlit, or externally, using modern light sources. Their production includes many technologies, both design and manufacturing. Only advertising manufacturers with extensive experience can create products for outdoor advertising using a wide range of materials and accurate calculation of future products. Modern outdoor advertising is in step with the times and uses all the advanced achievements. For example, now it is impossible to present new signage without the use of LED technology and composite materials.

The use of LEDs due to their small size, ease of use and installation, the possibility of creating dynamic effects, increased life span. In addition, the diodes have low power consumption. However, and the old proven technology of manufacturing neon is still used and has an inexpressible charm and beauty, brightness and juiciness of colors. Neon signs have become attributes of entire epochs. It is thanks to the neon that Las Vegas is so firmly associated with luxury and prestige, excitement and money.

Making signage with backlighting or dynamic images, lighting effects requires complex calculations and engineering projects. When designing, it is necessary to consider not only the quantity of materials and their lifetime, but also the ease of installation and maintenance. To obtain neon glow requires high voltage. It is obtained by using cumbersome transformers. Neon tubes themselves are quite difficult to process, and the color of glow is difficult to pick up. Neon color depends on the presence of impurities of other gases, and only experienced craftsmen know how to obtain a mixture of the right components.

It’s a little easier to make light boxes. They are boxes with aluminum or plastic side walls and light-scattering front panels. Lighting equipment such as fluorescent daylight lamps, LED clusters or rulers are installed inside the box. When images are applied to translucent panels in the form of special films or full color printing and backlighting is switched on, the information is easily read not only during the day but also at night.

There are also some complicated variants of light boxes – light volume letters with internal or external illumination. Such designs represent separate light boxes in height to one and a half meters and are made in the form of letters. From such letters logos and names are typed. Different variants of overlapping with vinyl films create the effects of blurred contours or color divisions. The illumination of the letters is usually white, while the color effects are achieved with colored films. Volume letters are made of plastic, metal and aluminum by Fortuna Visual Group. The use of opaque and transparent materials allows the use of different lighting options and configurations of logos. The basis for the installation of light advertising are supporting metal structures or frames. Details of the future signage are mounted on the main frame, where the elements of fastening and power supply are hidden.