Both cryptocurrency and cloud are quite popular terms nowadays. There are a lot of qualified specialists who work with these technologies. You might find them on the website Now we’ll talk about how cloud computing can help the cryptocurrency.

There are two ways to unite the cloud computing and cryptocurrency. The first is for development and the second is for user security.

How can cloud services help cryptocurrency development?

There is one simple answer. Cloud services make DevOps implementation possible. In its turn, DevOps methodology allows Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for cryptocurrency software. Such complicated and accurate systems need regular updates without deployment problems and delays.

DevOps services provide a convenient model for development, it is called IaC – Infrastructure as Code. IaC means the DevOps engineer creates the deployment environment and writes the settings and specifications in the textual file. This file is written in the descriptive language, so every developer, despite the language he uses, can work with this file. The file is called manifest. It allows the developer to change the settings of the deployment environment independently from the DevOps engineer at any time he needs the new environment. As a result, you receive the CI/CD pipeline that is very efficient for cryptocurrency systems that need to work continuously.

How do cloud services provide user security?

The idea is the same – cloud services provide the DevOps implementation. DevOps services provide the containerization with Docker containers. As you understand, in the cryptocurrency system security should be on a high level for every user. Docker allows “packing” every instance to the container, so the user receives more “layers” of protection. While the cryptocurrency system without Docker containers is more vulnerable to intruders.

Thus said, cloud computing is the base for other powerful tools and technologies. By the way, cryptocurrency is also possible because of cloud services.

Of course, it uses a lot of hardware for mining. Cryptocurrency systems need a huge capacity for all the calculations and remembering operations and they get this capacity from on-prem hardware but a lot of work is running in the cloud.

How to implement cryptocurrency in the project?

We said the cloud services provide security and development in the cryptocurrency. So, logically, if you want to implement it in your project, you should find the company that can work in both ways and has the appropriate experience.

Usually, it will be a Managed Service Provider (MSP) – the company providing dedicated teams and remote IT services. Such companies offer you different IT outsourcing services and specialists. You just give your request and they will make all the rest.

MSP companies have wide experience in different areas. Also, they have talented and qualified engineers because such specialists prefer multiple interesting projects that MSP can provide.

To find a reliable Managed Service Provider you should look for worldwide ratings and feedback from previous customers. Also, ask the MSP about successful cases and create a general strategy of work. Your task is to make a clear explanation of the system you want and professionals will advise you on the best practices and strategies for its implementation.

Thus sais, the cloud services make the cryptocurrency as the idea possible and a reliable Managed Service Provider makes the realization of your idea of such a system possible.