In middle age, it is possible and necessary to have an active sex life. After all, even if you have problems with potency, you can buy drugs at and solve them. In this material we will consider the main myths that have developed about sex people over the age of 50 years. 

As a man ages, he loses the ability to have a normal erection. Or that emotional problems lead to a lack of erections

Aging can’t really be the cause of a man’s erectile dysfunction. In 85 percent of cases, erectile dysfunction problems are caused by physical causes. This can be a disturbance of normal blood circulation, side effects from taking various medications, or prostate problems. In order for a man to have a normalized erection, it is necessary to apply various physical stimulation. At the same time, the erection itself is not stable, but the pleasure of sex remains. For a man aged 20-25 years, after ejaculation, the next erection may occur in 20-25 minutes. For an older man, this process may take 2-3 hours or more.

People of age lose interest in sex

When it comes to sexual attraction, there is no age limit. Satisfaction in people of age will depend on the quality of the relationship. Lack of sex at this age is a consequence of illness or disability. As a result of studies, it was proved that people whose age is over 60 years old and having an active sex life, satisfaction from sex is much better than it was at the age of 35-40 years. This was confirmed by ¾ of those surveyed. It has also been proven that an active sex life can prolong life.

Masturbation can cause decreased enjoyment of sex

For a man, on the contrary, masturbation allows for sexual pleasure, both with and without a partner. For a woman, it is an opportunity to keep her genitals supple and moist. For men, on the other hand, it helps to maintain an erection in a normal state.

Women over the age of 50 lose interest in sex due to psychological and emotional factors. Likewise, she lacks the ability to have an orgasm

Any woman’s sexual response is particularly affected by hormonal changes during her menopause. When estrogen levels decrease, there can be discomfort during sex due to increased vaginal dryness. Some women report a decrease in sex drive and energy sexually. While another part of the contrary after menopause begin to receive more pleasure from having sex. Also the number of orgasms increases, and they become more meaningful and frequent. Today in almost any pharmacy you can buy special lubricants that will allow you to enjoy sex more and reduce the discomfort.

It is worth understanding that you can not compare sex at a young and old age. However, changes will not always have a negative impact. Once a woman has gone through menopause, she will no longer be able to have children. For some couples, this fact allows them to loosen up and have sex more passionately. Retirement also increases the amount of free time, so partners can devote more time to each other and enjoy themselves. If there are problems with erection, which is common at this age, you can use